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Be Inspired, Dr Sinha Shares Stories About The Incredible Work He Does In Procedural Medicine, Psychotherapy & Comprehensive Primary Care

Be Inspired, Dr Sinha Shares Stories About The Incredible Work He Does In Procedural Medicine, Psychotherapy & Comprehensive Primary Care

❤️ Pulse by healthjobhub

Facebook Live Talk Show

Date: 3rd May 2020

Time: 8:15am MST

Host: Prasanthi Naidoo


Episode: #9

Season: 1

Special Guest: Dr Dave Sinha

Hello and welcome everybody from across the world joining us live on Facebook for our show, Pulse by healthjobhub. My name is Prasanthi Naidoo founder of I started Pulse to connect, share & inspire! My mission is to unveil the pulse behind the pulse. 

Today I have a very special guest joining us live on Pulse. It is my honour and privilege to welcome Dr Dave Sinha joining us all the way from Calgary Alberta to our show this morning. Good morning Dr Sinha, thank you for joining us how are you this morning?

To all our viewers, Pulse by healthjobhub is a live talk show, so if you have any question please ask. I’d like to thank our sponsor for sponsoring this show. In response to COVID-19 has opened up our platform to all employers during this time of need to post unlimited jobs.

About Dr. Dave Sinha

MD and Founder of Synergy Collaborative Health 

He completed his medical degree from the University of Alberta and his post-graduate training in Family Medicine with the Rural Alberta North Program. Exposure to the breadth of primary care in under-serviced areas provided the foundation of his current practice in procedural medicine, psychotherapy and comprehensive primary care. 

His later experiences with Medicentres, Integrative Medicine Institute, and Oasis Health Systems inspired him to pursue training in a multitude of disciplines spanning the scope of healing - from prolotherapy and functional medicine, to minor surgery, women’s health and hypnotherapy. 

He began to develop a greater appreciation for the role of consciousness in healing and how health issues were intimately connected to the deepest issues of the heart. He observed how these unresolved patterns would emerge through imbalances of behaviour and biochemistry to ultimately manifest as disease. He learned that patient engagement as well as community play an essential role in healing.

Wow, what and impressive bio Dr Sinha. Congratulations on all the outstanding work and research that you do!

To hear the full interview, please watch our YouTube video here:


Here's what we covered:

List of questions:

  1. Please share your story about what inspired you to pursue a career in medicine, and become a physician?
  2. The scope of your practice in Cochrane, Alberta is as diverse as the patients you serve from integrative medicine, to psychotherapy, procedural medicine and medical aesthetics. Please share with us some of the innovative new procedures and therapies you offer at your clinic?
  3. In creating Pulse one of our goals is to have our “finger on the pulse”
    1. How has your community and practice been impacted by COVID-19 aka coronavirus and please share your experience working during the pandemic
    2. What is your medical advice for all of us who are staying home and waiting in anticipation for this lockdown to end?
  4. Share some final thoughts?

Thank you Dr Sinha for enlightening us this morning and sharing your incredible story on Pulse by healthjobhub.

This brings us to a close of our Facebook Live show for Pulse by healthjobhub. I do hope that you enjoyed the show as much as I did. Please join me next week, same time on Facebook Live. I am excited to announce that our special guest next week is Dr Gopal Sanpersad, joining us all the way from Durban South Africa, who will be sharing health tips to cope during COVID19  pandemic.

Please join us again next week to #BeInspired.

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Thank you!

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