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Dream The Impossible Dream

Dream The Impossible Dream

Let's go back to the Basics ~The ABC Model based on "Founder": Aaron T Beck (1921 - )

A= Affect  (Attitude)


C= Consequences


How You Think = Will Determine How You Feel & Will Result Or Determine How You Will Act...


Change your Attitude (+) or have Positive Feelings;

Change your Beliefs (yes I can or I deserve it...) &

Your thoughts or actions will definitely result in the desired consequences or Changes or Outcomes..


Your thoughts are a real force.

~ (Rhonda Byrne- The Secret )

Become more aware if of your Thoughts...


Follow these Simple Steps to Dream the Impossible Dream...

  1. Be grateful. 
  2. Make a Choice - Do I want to be happy or sad?
  3. Let go of the past and negative thoughts.
  4. Irradiate can't from your mind.
  5. Say "Yes I Can" - President Obama of the USA.
  6. Be grateful for what you have - as you breathe some one is taking their last breathe... Or I'm grateful for my family, I have all my hands and toes etc...
  7. Take away the positive out of the negative... You must learn from your bad experiences or past.
  8. Past is beyond Recover... Today is the present and tomorrow is a gift ... ~ Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba
  9. Get focused.
  10. Write down your goals - be it weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi annually and for the year... and years to come. That is what you want to achieve for this year and years ahead eg. two, three 5 years etc.
  11. Start planning how you going to achieve your goals and dreams.
  12. Set time frames.
  13. Push your limits - Keep on raising the bar or your standards.
  14. Be goal directed.
  15. Be positive.
  16. Be realistic
  17. Visualize what you. want to achieve or would like to have eg. a job, fancy car, beautiful house...
  18. Ask for what you want.
  19. Believe you can get it.
  20. Work towards achieving it.
  21. Ask yourself: What can I do to achieve my Goals?
  22. Do I need some ones help to get there - it's ok to ask for help.
  23. Develop affirmations, this is positive sayings to be goal directed and getting what you want or desire eg. I want to be happy, healthy and well; I want to Excel in all spheres of life- strive  for excellence and success will follow you... ~Mr S Ackerman , Deputy Principal, St Henry's Marist College.
  24. Take control of your life.
  25. Expect your affirmations and what you want to achieve.
  26. Be open to receiving your goals and dreams from the universe or your God.
  27. Remember failure is a stepping stone to success - it's ok to stumble and fall but the most important thing is to believe in your self and pick your self up.
  28. Don't worry - Be Happy.
  29. Worry is useless time and energy spent.
  30. Prayer is the most powerful tool.
  31. Your God can move mountains - only if you Believe!
  32. If you didn't get what you wanted and you put all the above steps into practice then maybe it wasn't yours or meant for you in the first place..
  33. So try something new.
  34. Apply this to your everyday life.
  35. Always remember to serve, make someones day, and SMILE!
  36. Lastly WATCH - Watch your Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character, & Heart ( Bhagvan Shri Sathya Sai Baba)- if you do good then good things will come your way - you just have to believe and expect good things.

This my dear friends is the Secret to Success & Happiness 😊.

Love and Light be with you All.

Let's Dream the impossible Dream, Be Happy and Make others Happy Too😊


"God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change; The Courage To Change The Things I Can; And The Wisdom To Know The Difference"

~ Serenity Prayer ~ St Francis of Assisi 😇🙏


  • Inspiration for compiling this article is 5 children who sacrificed their time to better themselves during this holiday.
  • Rhonda Byrne - " The Secret"
  • Joel Olsteen - "You Can You Will"


Written by, Kirschnee Naidoo

Clinical Psychologist