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Earn $400k - $850k per annum - Take Over An Existing Family Physician Practice With Over 1000 Patients On the Panel

Earn $400k - $850k per annum - Take Over An Existing Family Physician Practice With Over 1000 Patients On the Panel

❤️ Pulse by healthjobhub

Facebook Live Talk Show

Date: recorded 10th August 2020 (Streamed on August 16th)

Time: 8:15am MST

Host: Prasanthi Naidoo


Episode: #6

Season: 2

Special Guest: Mark Henderson, Chief Operating Officer at Riverbend Medical Clinic, Calgary AB Canada

Hello and welcome to our Facebook Live Talk Show, Pulse by healthjobhub. Thank you for joining me, I am Prasanthi Naidoo the founder of

Today’s show is our Employer Hiring Now segment and we will be sharing with you some excellent Family Physician and Specialist Physician Job Opportunities in Calgary AB Canada.

I am delighted to introduce my Special Guest joining us this morning on Pulse, Mark Henderson, Chief Operating Officer at Riverbend Medical Clinic, Calgary AB Canada.

Good Morning Mark, thank you for joining us. How are you today?

Please share a little about yourself and the work that you do at Riverbend Medical Clinic?


To listen to the entire interview, please watch our YouTube video here:


Here's what we covered:

List of questions:

  1. Thank you for your job postings on Please share with us, what roles are you currently recruiting for at Riverbend Medical Clinic?
  2. Where is Riverbend Medical Clinic located and is it a desirable location to practice out of?
  3. Please share with us the type of clinic setting you have to offer and do the DRs have their own offices or do they share office space?
  4. How big is your team and what services do you provide at Riverbend Medical Clinic?
  5. Are there any perks that prospective candidates can look forward to if they join?
  6. What is your overhead split and what is the potential earning capacity that interested physicians can expect if they take up the job opportunity at Riverbend Medical Clinic?
  7. How can interested candidates apply?
  8. Will you consider IMGs
  9. Are you focusing your search in Alberta or Canada wide? Can physicians from, other provinces apply?
  10. As you know physician candidates are in great demand across Canada… Why should they consider your job opportunity at Riverbend Medical in Calgary?

Great insights! Thank you Mark for being on our show Pulse by healthjobhub today and giving our viewers awesome information about your physician job opportunities.

Special thanks to all our amazing viewers! Thank you for tuning in live and thank you for watching this video!

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Thank you! Stay safe! & God Bless!

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