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Is hybrid consults the future of healthcare delivery?

Is hybrid consults the future of healthcare delivery?

The coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic certainly changed life as we once knew it seemingly overnight. Never would I have guessed that virtual healthcare will become so popular, so fast! Some healthcare clinic owners and managers have been placed into situations they never anticipated happening in their lifetime and have been forced to adapt almost overnight to the "new normal."

I had the pleasure to catchup with a long standing customer of HealthJobHub, Blair Schachterle founder of Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy this week. He shared with me his experience of suddenly having to shut down his extremely busy physical therapy clinic in Calgary due to COVID-19 and then transition his patients from the traditional "old school" in-house therapy to virtual consults. I was fascinated to hear his story especially because I was unaware of how effective virtual healthcare can be for some physical therapy patients. It was certainly an eye-opener and learning curve for all involved but the transition was successful and he has many happy patients.

Now he is transitioning his patients and his team into a "hybrid" treatment model,  part in-house, part virtual. Again it is certainly a learning curve for himself and his team but his strong leadership and deep experience working as a Physiotherapist for many years has held him in good stead to roll out the next phase of "hybrid" treatment.

His story has reminded me that some people are extremely resilient and passionate about their work... especially healthcare professionals... where there is a will there is a way! No matter what adversity comes their way they are prepared to face the challenge head on and they always rise to the occasion!

Written by: Prasanthi Naidoo, founder of