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Nurse Practitioner Was Ranked As The Best Career To Have In Canada In 2019, Here's Why?

Nurse Practitioner Was Ranked As The Best Career To Have In Canada In 2019, Here's Why?
As we noted recently, being a nurse is a great job. Canadian Business Magazine actually ranked Nurse Practitioner as the best career to have in this country for 2019. Of course, being  a nurse isn't a paid vacation. The job can take a physical and emotional toll. The hours can be long, the work is often hard, and sometimes patients die. On the other hand, the salaries are enviable, and the employment outlook is solid, with nurses being in demand nation wide.
So, what is the best part about being a nurse? To find out, the team at Business Insider spoke with dozens of nurses to determine what they find the most rewarding about their career path? The top response from the participants in the survey was that they appreciate having to opportunity to help save people's lives.
Similarly, nurses said that they also value the relationships they form with patients and their families. Others said that they find it stimulating to work with such a diverse group of people as they encounter strangers from a wide variety of nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. The intimacy of their role means that they don't just encounter people in passing, but they have the chance to get to know a little about the people they work with.
Further down the list of aspects of the job that professionals appreciate were the high demand for workers and above average salary levels. For those on the job, it is the people, the relationships, and the impact that they can have on patient's lives that matter the most.
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Read the full story with personal quotes from the nurses surveyed over on Business Insider.


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Thinking about becoming a Registered Nurse? Hear what inspired Annliza to pursue her career in nursing and become a Registered Nurse. #BeInspired

Exclusive Live Interview:


Pulse by healthjobhub Facebook Live Talk Show, Season 1 Episode #13 Featured Special Guest Annliza Chetty Registered Nurse (RN). Hear Annliza's incredible story on what inspired her to pursue her career as a nurse.

Here's a little more about Annliza Chetty:

Annliza is a registered nurse of almost 20 years experience with specialized critical care training and experience in cardiothoracic ICU Nursing, having worked at leading hospitals in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

She qualified as a registered nurse after completing her 4 year integrated course in general nursing, community, psychiatry and midwifery at the R K Khan Hospital through the then Natal College of Nursing, and obtained her Bachelor of Science Honours Degree In Critical Care in Nursing from the Kings College London University, one of the top 10 UK universities in the world.

As a newly qualified Sister she worked in the ICU at the ST Aidans Mission Hospital In Durban, and then went on to work at Wentworth Hospital where she enjoyed working with patients in the cardiothoracic ward and the ICU caring for patients who had undergone cardiac and thoracic surgery. 

Following in her late mums footsteps of nursing, Annliza pursued her dual passions of nursing and traveling as she looked at options of working in the UK. Within less than 2 years of qualifying, she received her registration with the then United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting. She eventually lived and worked in the UK for almost 13 years where she found her niche at the Kings College Hospital, South East of London specializing in cardiothoracic nursing in the high care and recovery of patients post heart and lung surgery.

She became a team leader and mentor in this unit.

Living in the UK was her passport to travel to different countries and broadened her sense of adventure and knowledge.

After her UK experience, and a brief spell in Canada she decided to settle in South Africa with her family, returning to work in a specialized ICU for a few years, maintaining her critical care nursing skills.

After having worked a few years in the ICU, she made a decision to transfer to the Theatre Recovery unit.

Some of her  hobbies include blogging about life and motherhood, reading, taking part in 5-10 km challenge runs, she loves the adventures of the outdoors, cooking and baking with her young master chef son, spending quality time with her family, and playing the piano.

She believes that your faith and support of your family can carry you through any situation. She is passionate about positivity and believes that the most powerful words you can tell someone is: 

I believe in you “. 



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