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Social Media Recruiting #TopTips

Social Media Recruiting #TopTips

❤️ Pulse by healthjobhub

Facebook Live Talk Show

Date: July 26, 2020

Time: 8:15am MST

Host: Prasanthi Naidoo


Episode: #3

Season: 3

Special Guest: Chris Russell, Managing Director RecTech Media, Host of the RecTech Podcast & Chief Lancer of HR Lancers

Hello and welcome to our Facebook Live Talk Show, Pulse by healthjobhub. I am Prasanthi Naidoo the founder of

I am super excited about today’s topic, as it has been the key to our success thus far at On today’s show we are going to be sharing with you top #TipsAndAdvice on how to be successful in #socialmediarecruiting and #digitalrecruiting.

I am delighted to introduce my Special Guest joining us this morning on Pulse, Chris Russell, also known as the “The "Mad Scientist Of Online Recruiting" … He is the Managing Director of RecTech Media, Host of the RecTech Podcast & contributor to a text recruiting software company.

Good Morning Chris, thank you for joining us. How are you today? How is the weather in Connecticut this morning? What’s the situation with respect to COVID-19 in your area? Are the numbers on the rise again?

So, Chris you are fondly known as the “mad scientist of online recruiting” how did you land that impressive title and please share with us more about your background?

Incredible, you have great experience! Thank you Chris!


To hear Chris's responses and his top tips and advice please watch the show here:


Here's what we covered:

List of questions:

  1. Chris, as your background clearly demonstrates you are an expert at sourcing candidates across various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, what are your top #tips and advice to employers on how to be successful in social media recruiting?


    1. How do you test which social media channel is best for the “type” of candidate you are trying to reach?
    2. How do you measure success rate using social media advertising and what are your key metrics you use to measure success?
    3. What performs better on social media in relation to recruiting? Text messages? Static images? or Video ads?


  1. Talk to us a little more about the importance of defining employer value proposition. What advice can you offer healthcare employers to help them clearly communicate their value proposition?
  2. What are your top tips to recruiters to write killer job ads and job descriptions? 
  3. How important are job boards in digital recruitment marketing?
  4. What are your views, are general job sites or niche job sites best when sourcing hard to find in demand candidates such as in healthcare? 


Great insights! Thank you Chris for being on our show Pulse by healthjobhub today and giving our viewers awesome tips and advice.


Special thanks to all our amazing viewers! Thank you for tuning in live and thank you for watching this video!


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Thank you! Stay safe! & God Bless!






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Written by: Prasanthi Naidoo, Founder of