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Thinking About Becoming A Clinical Psychologist? #BeInspired

Thinking About Becoming A Clinical Psychologist? #BeInspired

❤️ Pulse by healthjobhub

Facebook Live Talk Show

Date: 26th April 2020

Time: 8:15am MST

Host: Prasanthi Naidoo


Episode: #8

Season: #1

Special Guest: Kirschnee Naidoo

Hello and welcome everybody from across the world joining us live on Facebook for our show, Pulse by healthjobhub. My name is Prasanthi Naidoo founder of I started Pulse to connect with all you amazing people, share incredible stories and to be inspired. My mission is to unveil the pulse behind the pulse. 

Today I have a very special guest joining us live on Pulse. It is my honour and privilege to welcome Kirschnee Naidoo all the way from Durban South Africa to our show. Good afternoon Kirschnee, thank you for joining us how are you today? 

To all our viewers, Pulse by healthjobhub is a live talk show, so if you have any question please ask. I’d like to thank our sponsor Kirshen Naidoo & Company Inc - ATTORNEYS AT LAW. They have offices in Durban, Johannesburg, Dundee and Consult Nationwide in South Africa  ***In response to COVID-19 Kirshen Naidoo & Co are offering FREE legal advice and drafting of wills to frontline healthcare workers and professionals who are fighting COVID-19 and saving lives. Wattsapp 083-777-4569 for more info.

Kirschnee Naidoo is a Durban born and raised Clinical Psychologist. She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is currently completing her PhD at UKZN. She has a wealth of experience in the field of Employee Wellness and had single handedly established the Employee Assistance Programme in the KZN Department of Health. She has worked in both the Public and Private Healthcare Sectors. Her areas of focus include depression, anxiety, other mood related disorders as well as personality disorders, relationship, marital and family counselling, HIV/AIDS counseling, health psychology, and positive psychology. She is currently in private practice at Glenwood Medical Centre in Durban KZN.

Wow, your experience is extremely impressive, thank you for making the time to be on our show today!

To listen to our full interview, please watch our YouTube video here:

List of questions:

  1. Please share your story about what inspired you to pursue a career in psychology and become a Clinical Psychologist? Fascinating, thank you for sharing!
  2. Please describe your patient profile and share with us who will benefit from your services. If any of our viewers are interested, how can they book an appointment with you? Very interesting, I do hope if there are people watching our show who may require your service, that they do connect with you.
  3. In creating Pulse one of our goals is to have our “finger on the pulse”
    1. South Africa along with the rest of the world has been hard hit with the outbreak of the global pandemic (COVID-19) aka corona virus. However I must commend your President Cyril Ramaphosa for his exceptional leadership during this pandemic. Please share your experience working during COVID-19? 
    1. Please share with us your views about the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and how would you recommend one to stimulate good mental health during this lock down. Great advice and recommendations!
    1. You shared previously with me your excellent relaxation techniques especially how simple and effective they are, do you mind demonstrating this for our viewers? Wonderful and relaxing Indeed! That was awesome / therapeutic, thank you for the session!
  1. Any last words you wish to leave us with?

Thank you Kirschnee for enlightening us today and helping us maintain good mental health during this pandemic..

This brings us to a close of our Facebook Live show for Pulse by healthjobhub. I do hope that you enjoyed the show as much as I did. Please join me next week, same time on Facebook Live to #BeInspired.

And don’t forget, if you enjoyed the show please smash the like button, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share with your network!

Thank you!



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