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Thinking About Becoming A Dentist? Here's Some Inspiration...

Thinking About Becoming A Dentist? Here's Some Inspiration...

❤️ Pulse by healthjobhub

Facebook Live Talk Show

Date: 17th May 2020

Time: 8:15am MST

Host: Prasanthi Naidoo


Episode: #11

Season: #1

Special Guest: Dr Reshaylia Naidu


Hello and welcome everybody from across the world joining us live on Facebook for our show, Pulse by healthjobhub. My name is Prasanthi Naidoo founder of I started Pulse to connect, share and inspire! My mission is to unveil the pulse behind the pulse. 

Today I have a very special guest joining us live on Pulse. It is my honour and privilege to welcome Dr Reshaylia Naidu, joining us all the way from Cambridge UK. Greetings and good wishes Dr Naidu, thank you for joining us, how are you today?

To all our viewers, Pulse by healthjobhub is a live talk show, so if you have any questions or comments please post them on the live chat and we will answer you.. If you enjoy our show please smash the like button, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and please share with your network. I’d like to thank our sponsor for sponsoring this show. In response to COVID-19 has opened up our platform to all employers during this time of need to post unlimited jobs.

Dr Reshaylia Naidu, a general dentist from Cambridge in the United Kingdom having completed her Dental degree at Universidad Cardenal Herrera in Spain. Reshaylia is truly a global citizen, having been born in South Africa, emigrated to Dublin Ireland at the age of three, completed her school studies in Ireland and went on to study and complete her dental degree in Valencia Spain and is now working and living in the UK.

Reshaylia’s keen interest in dentistry and understanding dental healthcare globally whilst meeting people of different cultures and languages had led her to study in Spain. It was an inspiring and educational experience as she learnt how different cultures understood and dealt with oral care and the varying dental treatment and methodologies used.

Reshaylia’s avid interest in people and helping them overcome their dental care challenges had led her to start a youtube channel and instagram account where she has a series of videos helping people with dental issues and concerns during Covid 19. So please get in touch and send her a message as she is more than happy to help! Reshaylia has a keen interest in smile redesign and is hoping to do her masters in restorative dentistry in the near future. 

Wow, this is an incredible bio Dr Naidu. You’re so young and already so accomplished!


To listen to the full interview, please watch our YouTube video here:


Here's what we covered:

List of questions:

  1. Please share your story about what inspired you to pursue a career in dentistry and become a dentist and please share with us your journey from Ireland to Spain to the UK. 
  2. Please tell us a little more about your exciting new endeavours on social media?
  3. In creating Pulse one of our goals is to have our “finger on the pulse”.
  4. How has your community and practice been impacted by COVID-19 and please share your experience working during the pandemic?
  5. What is your dental advice and tips for all of us who are staying home and trying our best to stay safe during COVID-19 but are unable to go to the dentist due to the lockdown
  6. Please share some final thought ? 

Thank you Dr Naidu for enlightening us today and sharing your incredible story on Pulse by healthjobhub.

This brings us to a close of our live show for Pulse by healthjobhub. I do hope that you enjoyed the show as much as I did. Please join me next week, same time on Facebook Live. I am excited to announce that our special guest next week is Catherine Komiskei, Professor in Healthcare Statistics and Former Head of the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Trinity College, Dublin University. Joining us all the way from Dublin Ireland, who will be sharing with our viewers some of the amazing research work that she is working on in relation to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Please join us again next week to #BeInspired.

And don’t forget, if you enjoyed the show please smash the like button, subscribe to our YouTube channel and please share with your network!

Thank you!



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