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Job Network Partners

  • Post up to 10 jobs per month
  • Shared to job network 
  • Add photos & youtube video
  • 30 day job duration
  • All prices shown in USD
  • All subscriptions are recurring month to month, cancel anytime.
$350.00 per month

Social Media Advertising

  • Social media advertising 
  • 1 x job ad + social media campaign
  • Add photos & youtube video
  • 30 day job duration
  • All prices shown in USD
  • All subscriptions are recurring month to month, cancel anytime


$500.00 per month

Job Network + Social

  • Shared to job network (up to 10 jobs)
  • Social media advertising x 1 job
  • Add photos & youtube video
  • 30 day job duration
  • All prices shown in USD
  • All subscriptions are recurring month to month, cancel anytime.


$650.00 per month

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Support, Endorsement & Network Partners


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"Vancouver Coastal Health endorses and supports your initiative at HealthJobHub"    
Ian Young

Marketing Advisor
Recruitment Services
Vancouver Coastal Health

"The team at healthjobhub was amazing. We were targeting a specific population of French speaking Nurse Practitioners for a while before posting our job ad on

We had also tried other job platforms with very little success in reaching the specific candidates we are looking to hire...."

Talia Benson

People & Culture Specialist
Specializing INtalent


"I think your site is great and will continue to do what I can to share and promote you as I think a job board like this in Alberta is fantastic!"

Michelle Stager

Recruitment Advisor 


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1) Which price plan is best for my needs?

For hard-to-fill jobs, we highly recommend the "Job Network + Social" price plan as we cover access to all our online distribution channels under this price plan.

The "Social Media Advertising" price plan is great for all jobs which you wish to boost across healthjobhub's social media channels. This increases the reach and awareness of the job posting and attracts 10x the views. A custom made social media campaign is created and boosted.

The "Job Network Partners" price plan distributes jobs posted with just one click to our job network partners for publishing and greater online reach of qualified candidates. Our job network partners consist of job boards and aggregators who have a significant number of active jobseekers on each individual platform. This price plan is also great if you have more than one job posting as it offers 10x value for employers choosing this option. 


2) How soon will I receive a qualified applicant after my job is posted?

It depends on the category of job posted. For physician job postings it can take anywhere between 5 days and 6 months+ to find a qualified candidate to hire. This is based on actual data from our platform. The reason being, physicians are a supply constrained category. Meaning that they are in great demand whilst supply is low. Therefore we highly recommend a combination of "Job Network + Social" Media Advertising for physician job posts.

For nurses and other types of healthcare categories where supply is also constrained but to a lesser degree than physicians, it can take as little as a day to 30 days to find qualified applicants to hire.


3) Should I post my jobs on too?

Yes, we highly recommend you post your job ads on as well as as we have received direct customer feedback that the advertising and boosting of your job postings done on has a direct correlation to increased applicant flow to your Indeed job ad.

Here are a few testimonials from customers of who have had this experience:

"With the help of Prasanthi and the team at HealthJobHub, we have had a surge of French speaking applicants apply to our Indeed job posting and career page in the past weeks which has been extremely helpful for our search.”

~ Talia Benson People & Culture Specialist Specializing INtalent INLIV


"We received more applicants than usual through Indeed as our previous postings typically took awhile for response and we would not get very many over the course of our job listing."

~ Kendra Urzada Riveside Dental Clinic


"After posting our William's Lake BC Optometrist job ad on we noticed significant more activity for that job on Indeed which was listed on Indeed for two years prior, with little activity, before advertising it on" 

We are in the process of integrating with and as soon as we do this we will inform our customers. The benefit will be that your jobs will automatically be published to via with one click.


4) Is a traditional job board?

No, is not a traditional job board such as Indeed or LinkedIn. We are a software-as-a-service, SaaS tool, for employers to help distribute job ads with one click to our job network partners and social media channels. Included in our job distribution service, we offer a recruitment marketing service to help healthcare employers attract and source qualified applicants.


5) Can I allocate a larger budget to the recruitment marketing service to attract more qualified applicants?

Yes, at anytime if an employer wishes to increase their recruitment marketing budget to get more views and qualified applicants, all you need to do is contact us and we will help you.


6) Can I track applicant activity on

Yes, in your employer account you have access to your employer dashboard which tracks all activity in your account. We also offer an applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage applicants in your account directly on


7) Can I redirect applicants to my own employer ATS?

Yes. Employers may redirect applicants to their own ATS to track applicants directly on their own system. 


8) Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, all our subscriptions are month to month and can be cancelled anytime by the employer, in your account on




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