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Track applicants and manage your jobs

As candidates apply you can manage and track them in our all-in-one dashboard.




Connect with candidates faster 

Healthjobhub's career matching intelligence finds qualified candidates and invites them to apply. Accept applications via, email, redirect to apply url or call-to-apply.

Reach more qualified candidates online

Once you post your job it is distributed online with just one click.

HealthJobHub helps you track applicants, connect with candidates and reach qualified candidates online.

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Introducing Call-To-Apply for hard to fill jobs.

What is call-to-apply? Simply add your phone number in the job posting for candidates to call you direct from the job posting to apply.

Call-To-Apply Reporting

Currently only available on Target Plan

Why Call-To-Apply? Connect with Candidates Faster.

Call-to-apply not for you? No problem! Receive applications on email or redirect to your apply url.


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