Bahaa Aldin Zalloum

  • Clinical Data Analyst
  • Kenosha, WI, 53143, US
  • Jan 12, 2021
Full time Healthcare Other Healthcare

Personal Summary

Core Competencies

• Python, R, AWS Machine Learning
• Microsoft Office, MS Project, Weka, CLAMP, SQL
• Health care information systems design and analysis
• Componential intelligence in health informatics
• Biomedical and healthcare terminology and ontology

• Biomedical database applications
• Data analytics and interruption
• Health care systems application- clinical and administrative
• Small business administration
• Project management and scheduling skills

Work Experience

Clinical Data Analyst

• Collected, interoperate and analyzed data; created technical documents include data and process flow diagrams
• Identified, developed, and implemented solutions addressing data security issues experienced by technical teams
• Ensured compliance to the HIPAA Privacy Rule and utilizing de-identification methods to safeguard patient's information
• Analyzed and troubleshoot current pharmaceutical database, provided recommendations to improve data and system quality
• Verified pharmaceutical data, patients and technical documentations for accuracy and data quality purposes
• Deal with medication synchronization (med sync) that offers enhanced care to high-volume or chronic care patients

Electronic Health Record Data Visualization Analyst

• Analyzed and synthesized medical raw date and convert them graphics, charts and dashboards; Visually displayed health information that helped identifying trends and significant data clusters
• Employed data visualization to analyze disease trends and patterns, related various patient data, and integrated medical data
• Developed data systems to monitored treatments with narcotics; identified paths helped saving on treatment cost and time
• Utilized advanced data visualization techniques (infogram, maps, graphs, charts) to simplify and present complex medical data; facilitated practitioner taking medical decision
• Completed study addressing the advantage of data visualization in facilitating medical organizations and patients related data collection and interruption by clinicians; improved the quality of health care delivery
• Appointed and addressed the challenges of data visualization such as data complexity, heterogeneity, false interpretation, selection bias, and analytic tools deficiency

Risk Assessment Manager
Jan 2012 - Dec 2018 JEX EXCHANGE

• Developed and validated new and existed clinical database including designing and testing logic checks
• Conducted risk assessments on critical business functions and information systems; successfully determined risk factors, analyzed risk impacts and recommended risk management polices included resources and time requirements
• Performed extensive data analysis; identified key risk indicators based on the industry and company's risk threshold
• Utilized statistical analysis software for econometric models; developed thorough risk analysis, identified alternative solutions and risk handling methods
• Evaluated the effectiveness of business framework, identified potential financial, assets, and organizational risks
• Assessed business policies and procedures; utilized risk modelling software to identified systems flaws, and designed process to eliminate or mitigate potential risks
• Produced thorough reports featuring risks analysis and proposed mitigation plans; presented findings to upper management
• Planned and developed risk management control systems; maintained accurate and quality data management systems
• Created project-specific data strategies address data coding, transferring, reporting, database locks, and workflow processes.
• Generated data revise enquires system tackle upraised data entry issues; effectively resolved identified problems and maintained accurate database
• Designed data managements webforms; assisted and expedited date receiving, processing and tracking procedures

Surgical ICU Registered Nurse

• Facilitated and prepared patient for diagnostic tests including blood counts (CBCs), electrocardiograms (ECGs), radiographs (x-rays); efficiently and accurately ordered and interpreted tests to patients and doctors
• Examined patient medical history; accurately document and diagnosed symptoms, physical condition, vital signs and properly identified patient's needs. Assigned patients to appropriate diagnosis-related groups (DRGs)
• Monitored patient's conditions and equipment indicators; recognized, documented, sought intervention for signs and symptoms of complications or changing in patient status. Assisted the doctors on medical procedures.
• Proficiently operated medical equipment in ICU within the scope of nursing practices
• Developed a customized treatment plans based on patient's health conditions applying scientific rationale, standards of care, and professional practice guidelines.
• Completed administrative tasks such as preparing and processing business or government form, patient admission or discharge documents and transcribe medical reports
• Communicated and documented patient/ family education regarding equipment, nutrition and diet, safe and effective use of medication, therapy and post hospital care


Master of Science (M.S) - Health Care Informatics
- Jan 2020 School of Health Sciences, University of Wisconsin
Sales and Marketing Professional
- Jan 2018 Computer Systems Institute
Small Business Administrator
- Jan 2017 Computer Systems Institute
Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Faculty of Nursing
- Jan 2009 The Hashemite University